Our ebb and flow riding surface system

The perfect riding surface system for outdoor and indoor riding arenas

Optimally suitable for training-, allround- and tournament surfaces in:

  • show jumping
  • dressage
  • carriage driving
  • circle arenas
  • race-tracks

Advantages and characteristics:
Fully automatic irrigation and drainage from below! The humidity level of the riding surface is permanently measured by a sensor and controlled by a computer. By our permanent fully automatic irrigation from below the surface receives a steady, constant basic humidity and resistance to foot traffic for the entire surface! This applies also to indoor riding arenas even with extreme solar radiation through skylights, windows and gates. Evaporated water is immediately regularly refilled from below!

  • The tiresome, costly, uneven and inaccurate surface irrigation is dropped!
  • Not any continuous stagnant wetness on the riding arena:
    surplus water through rainfalls is fully automatically drained by pumping.
  • No surface fall: No segregation and no washing out of the top layer even with strong precipitation.
  • No harmful to health development of fine dust due to permanent basic humidity of the surface.
  • Predestined for riding surfaces in each size and form
  • No optical disturbance of the riding hall architecture by sprinkler systems on the ceiling of the hall
  • Without a costly base course (ballast etc.) The natural surface, able to carry a load, is sufficient for our system. (For soft surfaces, unable to carry a load, we have our own surface stablilization equipment.)